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Jiangsu Weikete Intelligent Logistics System Co., Ltd. provides you with a full range of enterprise logistics solutions,Business hotline:0086-0510-85500943

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HRIL system

production experience


  • Multimodal transport system

    Multimodal transport system

    Main functions: 1. Realize the intermodal transportation of vehicle, crane or other conveying equipment. 2. Re...

  • Three dimensional warehouse transfer system

    Three dimensional warehouse transfer system

    Main functions:1. Material transfer can be realized in a compact area.2. It can realize seamless connection of...

  • RGV transfer system

    RGV transfer system

    Main functions:1. Multiple vehicles run on one track program, which can realize process avoidance, automatic p...

  • Track vertical and horizontal moving flat car

    Track vertical and horizontal moving flat car

    Main functions:1. Realize the operation of a single vehicle on the longitudinal and transverse tracks.

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Jiangsu Weikete Intelligent Logistics System Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating R & D and manufacturing of heavy rail intelligent logistics system. Its main products are divided into three modules:..

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